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How to Write the Persuasive Exemplification Essay

How to Make Your Exemplification Essay Really Impressive

You’ve completed the main three types of essays such as descriptive, narrative and argumentative and eventually, you may breathe a sigh of relief but no such luck. Now, you are assigned to write an grammar check online free sentences, and you’re a little bit baffled. Don’t panic! This guide will demonstrate you not only what an exemplification paper is but also how to create one so perfect your teacher may think you have the most powerful writing skills.

The Exemplification Essay is almost the same as an 5 paragraph essay outline, where you also prove the point supporting it with the specific examples. If you’re performing the paper in class, the teacher will probably require the exact figures.

It’s better if this is a take-home assignment because you have the access to many sources where you can some helpful information. Make sure to inquire the teacher what style guide to select.

How to structure an Excellent Exemplification Essay

Remember, good planning of work always leads to a great success! These four tips below will help students to make their exemplification faster and easier to fulfill.

Brainstorm and outline

First of all, you should come up with the ideas and write them down on the paper. Then put them in order before you begin to deal with the deeper writing process.

The outline may involve as much information as you wish. The introduction and conclusion should be also included here.

A body section takes up the largest part of your because it contains your main points and some sustaining arguments.

5 paragraph essay outline


The introduction consists of two parts: the hook and thesis statement. Do you know what is the hook? That is what encourages your potential readers to keep reading your paper.

The thesis statement is a brief description of what your exemplification essay will be about. It also introduces the main points of your body paragraphs.

It’s time for your body paragraphs

Let’s 5 paragraph essay outline the body paragraphs, don’t worry, you shouldn’t here follow the how to make a paper longer format. As mentioned above, in this section you present your paper’s basic points backed up by juicy textual and persuasive evidence, this part should be correctly formatted and have incessant transitions.

Wrap it up

The last paragraph of the essay is Conclusion. You have to sum up all your main points here but stay away from restating your thesis statement. Instead, add some information that you wrote about in the body paragraph. It looks like the brief summary but make sure that it feels complete.

So, the mission is completed and your essay is ready!


It is important to note that you should look for topics with hard facts to support your argument. Try to convince the readers of your position!

Here we offer you a handful of nice exemplification essay topics:

  • Influence of social networking sites
  • America needs leaders
  • Culture of technology
  • Successful people without a formal education
  • Online vs traditional education
  • Religion in school